Email and calendar

At the start of their studies, all students become their own personal university email account, also called KUmail (Alumni-mail).

 Your personal email address is: UCPH (e.g.

The email system KUmail is based on Outlook and supports a wide range of functions – including

  • Meeting Booking
  • Calendar
  • The ability to use your email in connection with mobile devices

Access to KUmail is subject to multi-factor authentication:

First, click on 'My KUmail' on the front page of KUnet, then log in with an extra factor to indicate that you are the one who is logging in. You can do this in one of three ways:

  1. With the free app NetIQ (via smartphone/tablet) or
  2. With a USB security key or
  3. With a one-time code sent via text message to your mobile phone

Read more about the three options for multi-factor authentication in this guide.

Setting up your private email account to download KUmail (Alumni-mail)

If you wish, you can set up your personal mail account to retrieve e-mail (KUmail) from the University.

You will find setup-guides on the University’s intranet under Study information-> Campus and student life -> IT and support - > KUmail. 

Access to Study information requires login to KUnet with your UCPH username and password.

For more information please contact UCPH IT Support or the International Office.