Groups are an important function on the intranet KUnet. Everyone can make groups and the administrators can 'personalise' their own groups, for example by moving or removing various boxes with information, according to wish.

It is possible to store documents in various versions to enable the group's members to locate earlier versions of a document. This can be an advantage if several members of a group are working on the same document. Finally, the groups provide the possibility to create discussions, ballots and chats in which all of the group's members can participate.

How do I obtain access to the group rooms? 

There is a link to the groups on the frontpage of KUnet (requires login). From there you can get an overview page with a list of all groups. You can only access open groups or groups of which you are already a member.

Who is responsible for the group rooms?

The individual owners/administrators are responsible for their own groups, including any documents, pictures or other files which are stored there. Note that documents in the groups may be freely uploaded or deleted by any member of the groups. For security reasons a backup is made of all files every night. This means that it will often be possible to recreate any files lost as a consequence of technical faults. In such cases, please contact Servicedesk.