UCPH Username

As a student at University of Copenhagen one of your main tools is the intranet KUnet. To gain access to KUnet you need to activate your UCPH Username. This personal username is the key to information on academic and administrative procedures during your stay at the university.

Activating your UCPH Username

Full degree students receive a PIN code a few days after admission, whereas exchange students receive a PIN code when they are invited to fill in an only application.

After receiving the PIN code, please follow these steps:

  • Open your browser and visit KUnet
  • Click First time you log in
  • Write your CPR-number and your PIN-code (you can also use the number on your student ID-card - incl. hyphen)
  • Click Log in

Now your personal UCPH Username appears, and you will be asked to make a password.
Your username consists of three letters and three numbers (xyz123) and cannot be changed.

Afterwards we recommend that you click on "Update user profile" and add your private e-mail and/or mobile telephone number.

Forgot UCPH Username, password or PIN-code

If you forget your login information, you can choose different options on the login screen to KUnet. Follow the instructions depending on your choice. If you still encounter problems follow the step-by-step guide at Login problems.