Wireless network

Eduroam is a free, wireless network for students, researchers, and employees at universities around the world, which also applies at UCPH.

Getting access

As student or employee at KU all you need to gain access to the eduroam network is your UCPH username and your password. This will enable you to use the free wireless network with your laptop computer and/or your mobile phone.  On the intranet KUnet you can find guides on how to configure eduroam on different operating systems.

Great advantages

Eduroam is currently covering all common areas of KU and a lot of other areas as well at the university. Use it when attending a lecture at a different faculty, at a seminar or at another university during a semester abroad. Even on holiday or while travelling it will be possible to gain access to the eduroam network as long as you are in range of the access point of a university, a library or a research institution connected to eduroam.